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“I really do miss what we almost had.”

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magicflowershop asked: Maiti has ran out of chocolate, and that was something she would really be mad about. So the kid went out to find a candy shop that would sell her favorite candies, but she ended up lost in somewhere she had no idea of. Therefore, the girl stopped the first person she spotted on the street. "Mista! Ya know da candy shop? I wanna go dere but I no know where I am!"



/he was walking alone on the streets, looking at those busy people that walking rounds with work load or others. He came to a stop as he saw the little girl wandering around with a confuse looks on her face. The next second that he knows, the girl approach him asking for direction/ candy shop? It around the corner, shall I bring you there?


"Da jelly bugs!" She says happily as son as she finds herself on the ground. The girl grabs the male’s hand and thinks on pulling him towards the jelly section, but stoping before doing so. "Mista, ya wanna some chocolate?"


/he smiles, as the little girl looks happy after gotten her chocolate but he look questionably at the girl as she stop and turn to him/ It okay, I don’t need it now. Shall we get your jelly bugs next?